Why do I need breathwork?

What is Breathwork?

You might be thinking, “I’ve been breathing my entire life, why do I need to learn to breathe?” You would be right, but did you know you can unlock a vast range of health benefits and optimise your performance by tapping into your breath? It really is possible to change your state and therefore your experiences simply by changing the way you breathe.

We breathe on average 20,000 times a day yet most of us are unaware of its incredible ability to transform the way we feel and act.

Every thought and emotion we feel is communicated to the brain via the breath and over 95% of our thought patterns and emotions are unconscious. One of the most powerful things about breathwork is its ability to release stuck and stored emotions in the body thus allowing us to fulfil our full potential.

1 in 10 of us have symptoms of dysfunctional breathing, which can include breathing in a shallow and constricted way, which impacts our health – and we all have experiences in life that can affect our breathing in a negative way.
The good news is that by learning how to breathe optimally we gain the capability to influence our own biology.

I offer a range of powerful breathing techniques to scientifically enhance your wellbeing. Using the power of your breath, you can take control of your life and improve your health and performance.

What people think of my services

Nina’s breath work with me was unbelievably relaxing, I was quite unsure as what to expect but Nina guided me perfectly throughout the process and made me feel very secure. I immediately felt lighter and will definitely be doing more

JemmaActor and Presenter

Working with Nina helped me to work through the physical pain I was in whilst also supporting me in the emotional journey. I couldn’t have asked for a more balanced and connected person to be by my side.


Over the past 6 months I have been using breathwork as a means to reduce tension, to feel more connected as well as to put a bit more balance into my general work/life activities. My experiences were generally with the usual podcasts and reading around the subject and I wanted to take my breathwork further.

Nina has supported my breathwork journey in ways I could not have expected. I wasn't sure what to expect from an in person session and my first meeting exceeded my expectations and beyond. Nina is a compassionate practitioner and uses her experiences and skill to take the time to gain an understanding of your goals and clearly sets out what to expect both emotionally and physically. She is able to push to get the right response whilst making sure that you remain in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

Nina is a grounded breathwork guide and I'm looking forward to future sessions and the development of my breathwork journey.

CraigBusiness Owner

I absolutely loved my breath work sessions with Nina. At first I felt a little apprehensive on what was about to happen but Nina very clearly explained and reassuringly, step by step what to expect and feel which turned out to be amazing and euphoric!

I felt completely safe and comfortable from start to finish. Loved it and highly recommend. Thank you!


I offer a free 30-minute discovery call where we can discuss your requirements and challenges.

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