Breath means business!

Why Breathwork in the Workplace?

Breathwork is the perfect workplace wellness tool, addressing the core areas of physical, mental and emotional health in a simple and accessible way.

With an ever growing body of research to support the benefits of doing regular breathwork sessions, employees can feel more relaxed, have more energy, and build better resilience, which equates to improved results for both the employee and employer.

Everyone suffers from stress, whether it’s hidden inside or manifesting in more obvious ways. However, long term stress can result in a reduced performance at work and more time off due to sickness.

Learning to utilise the breath is hugely important as it is the bridge between our body and our mind. The way we breathe affects every function within our body.

Some benefits include;

  • More energy and increased attention span
  • Improved ability to problem solve and be creative
  • Enhanced mindfulness and focus
  • Relaxation
  • Improved sleep
  • Reduced anxiety and depression
  • Reduced pain
  • Increased resilience
  • Nervous system regulation
  • Greater ability to manage emotions
  • Increased ability to handle stress

Group sessions can be tailored to suit your specific business requirements. Please get in touch to discuss your breathwork needs.

What people think of my services

I cannot recommend Nina enough for her breathwork.

I am a total convert and after years struggling with PTSD I have found a way of releasing all the negative energy I have been holding onto.

I have never experienced such an amazing feeling of cleansing and refuelling with such positive energy.

Nina was amazing and her voice was gentle and guided me when I needed her but It was my journey .

Thank you Nina I will definitely continue these sessions as they have benefitted me so much.


Having never tried breathwork before, I was slightly apprehensive of the experience, but I couldn’t have been in better hands. Nina was incredibly supportive, gentle and kind. Her calm but knowledgeable approach allowed me to feel safe and able to express myself in whatever way I needed to. I found it to be such an exceptional experience and couldn’t imagine doing it with anyone else. The physical and emotional release she was able to unearth blew me away.


On starting the breath work session with Nina I had no idea what to expect but she guided me through and made me feel really comfortable and relaxed. The session was incredible - something I’ve never experienced before and it really awakened my mind giving me both relaxation and clarity. I am looking forward to exploring with Nina as soon as possible.


I offer a free 30-minute discovery call where we can discuss your requirements and challenges.

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